I need a friend with a bra obsession

For someone who has a massive underwear collection, I have very few bras. Not even enough to start a collection. I have the basics: nude, white and black. I haven’t bought new ones in almost a year. It is time.

I meet a girlfriend for lunch and then we head out shopping. I tell her I need to spice up my bras.
I pick out some crazy ones: zebra, neon orange/pink, glitter for days. I try on so many and settle on my three favorites. My friend joins me in line to check out. She says,
“Let’s see.”
I hold up my selection: one nude, one white and one black bra.
She raises her eyebrows at me. I declare,
“I don’t want to talk about it. At least they’re new.”



  1. The Mexicans in my part of the world hang clear plastic bags filled with water near doorways to frighten away flying insects. The theory that I was told from the owner of the burrito restaurant is that the fly sees his reflection in the bag of water, only it is magnified, and he (the bug) thinks a bigger bug might eat him. I am not sure how that relates to bags of water as a support device. The fish are a nice added decoration.


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