I’m going to Whistler, BC Canada in a month. I’m looking for flights now. is 85% sure that prices are rising and now is the time to buy. is 80% sure that the prices are dropping and now is the time to wait.

I’m 100% sure that now is the time to buy or wait.


4 thoughts on “FML

  1. Oh, several things came up and I was not able to make it to South Dakota yet. I am waiting for their glaciers to completely retreat before I venture up there. So I went to my mother's place in Oklahoma instead for a shorter trip. Then my truck started acting up severely on the way home. I thought it was bad diesel fuel, but it died 5 miles after I got home a few days. It wound up being an electrical problem with a large cable being replaced. But the towing charge was almost as much as the repair, so I am glad I didn't have to have it hauled all the way from South Dakota. $$$


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