Anybody need a roommate?

If all goes well I’m done screening prospective roommates. But I got a last couple good ones for you.

One guy tells me,

“I always put the toilet seat down and I make my bed.”

This guy is already better than the toilet using cat.

One guy would like me to hold the place for him. He’ll be ready to move September 1st.

And last but not least, a guy writes a very long missive. Don’t worry, it’s worth it,

I like watching movies with a plot (Inception, Dark Knight, Troy, Fighter, Sunshine, Memento, Moon, ..etc)

I also like superhero movies. I am not really a fan of funny or scary movies but I will watch them with other people.

I also like funny TV shows (Family guy, Tosh, Always Sunny, Modern Family). I want to catch up with (Lost, Fringe, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Wire…)

I hate pawn stars and storage pickers but don’t mind other people watching them.

I like 3rd person video games (Arkham City, Uncharted) and sports games.

I like watching stand up too Louis CK, Tosh, Aziz Ansari, Russell Peters, Katt Williams

I usually don’t game or watch that much TV.

I dont have problems with drugs, pets, or gays.

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