Are you done trying to pick me up? Sorry I fell asleep

You’ll never believe what I’m reading. John Adams by David McCullough. That’s right, a history book AND I love it.

A couple weeks ago outside a coffee shop, I’m reading some quality chic lit when a passerby stops. He looks at my book and says,

“Is that-? Oh no it’s not.”


“I thought you were reading a history book. A very good one.”


“Do you like history?”

He is eager to have a history conversation. I’m going to crush his hopes and dreams.

“It’s ok.”

“Oh.” He wanders off.

I finish my novel and stare at the stack of books in my room waiting to be read. There’s John Adams. A girlfriend recommended the book to me and he’s been in my bedroom for the better part of a year, untouched. Why not?

Everyday I look forward to spending quality time with John Adams. I like his wife too. Never mind that a lot of the story is set right here around Boston. He even spent some time in Worcester. But as much as I’m in love with John Adams, history pick-up lines still aren’t going to work.

History jokes!

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