J Money in da haus

We went bowling last night and my bowling leaves something to be desired. It’s not awful. Growing up on skee-ball at the Dream Machine in the Greendale mall was good for some hand-eye-ball coordination. Worcester people am I right?

I almost broke 100 points one game. We had to create bowling names. I used my rapper name. Yeah I have a rapper name which doubles as my bowling name which should probably be my new email address: “J Money.”

And as I do before any activity, I have carefully planned my wardrobe. Before we leave my boyfriend (Luck B Strikes) asks me,

“Do you have socks?”

“Oh I have socks. They’ve got ruffles.”


I pull them out. Each sock has two layers of ruffles. He asks,

“Are those bowling socks?”

“They’re everything socks.”

After three games, J Money pulls in at a close second. I tell Luck B Strikes,

“That was fun.” He replies,

“I really liked your socks.”


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