I can’t believe my pink bike with streamers and flowers is not being taken seriously

I head to the bike shop to pick up my bike. They helped me install a new white basket. Yes I already had a basket, but it was pink and I needed a white one too.

I browse the water bottle holders. I tell the guy,

“I’d like to get one of these installed too.”

“Well lets see.” He examines my bike and tells me,

“None of these are going to work.”

I stare at him blankly. I’m at a bike shop with my bike talking to a bike guy who fixes bikes. I see no reason I should not be a getting a water bottle holder screwed on. He continues,

“With a bike like this they assume you’re not going far enough to get thirsty.”

EXCUSE ME! I will be going far enough to get thirsty. Never mind that I get thirsty within a few blocks.

The guy notices my consternation and says,

“There are cup holders that you could attach to your handlebars right here.”

“But that’s where my handlebar flowers go.”

“Well then it should be easy to water them.”

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