Choosy eaters choose squirrel

My great great aunt’s cookbook is amazing. It could entertain me all day. I follow my roommate around the apartment reading excerpts out loud. I think she’s trying to study, but I’m not.

I read her the recipe for squirrel pot pie. She’s not fazed. Turtle soup. She nods her head. Muskrat fricassee, raccoon, woodchuck pie, roast beaver, bear, antelope. She seems to think it’s all very reasonable. I read her one last recipe particularly good for this time of year: possum and sweet potatoes.

She exclaims,

“Oh no! Gross!”

“So squirrel and raccoon are fine, but you’re going to draw the line at possum?”


Note: Squash is equally good with baked possum if you don’t have sweet potatoes.

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