A Thanksgivukkah birthday miracle

Happy Thanksgivukkah! And happy birthday to my bar manager!

I head to his favorite chocolate store before work. I’ve been eyeing their colorful tins. I want to get one full of chocolate. I walk in. The guy behind the counter greets me,

“What can I get for you?”

“I’d love to get one of those tins with chocolate.”

He turns toward the woman in charge. She tells me,

“Sorry, the tins aren’t for sale. Only when you buy taffy, then it comes in a tin.”

“Well I’d like to buy chocolate.”

“I’m sorry, but they’re only for sale with the taffy.”

I think about this for a minute. I see a sign that says $16 for a tin of taffy. I’m trying to spend a lot of money and this lady is making my brain hurt. I try again,

“So the tin is for sale with the taffy for $16. I would love to buy the tin without the taffy and I would like to buy a lot of chocolate.”

“I’m sorry, the tins are not for sale. But I can give you a tin.”


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