More alcohol for the kids table please

Over the holiday my bar filled up with children. Yelling, running, screaming, drinking children. That’s right, drinking.

Several women come up to the bar and order drinks while they’re waiting for their table. The men and children join them. An eight-year-old boy asks one of the women holding a champagne cocktail,

“Can I have some?”

The woman turns to another woman and asks,

“Is it okay?”


As the little boy grasps the cocktail someone else interjects,

“We’re in public.”

The owner of the cocktail declares,

“It’s okay, it’s an Irish pub.”

No. I’m sorry. This bar is not an embassy and is not technically part of Ireland where it may or may not be acceptable for small children to drink in public.

Although when I was 8, my dad let me drink his beer and I turned out fine. Right?

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