I cut my finger at work and Captain asks "Will this affect dance lessons this weekend?" Never.

Captain and I are enrolled in dance lessons. We’re going to the Boston Pops Swing Orchestra New Year’s Eve and we’re going to tear it up. Or try not to run anyone over. Or just dance a little better than when we were in junior high.

I wasn’t sure how our first lesson would go. The teacher lady was full of praise for us. Which may or may not have been warranted but it ensured that we signed up for more lessons.

I like to think I’m a good follower, but it turns out I’m not perfect. The teacher yells at me,

“Stop trying to lead.”

 She pushes Captain aside,

“Give her to me.”

She starts dancing me around the room. She declares,

“It’s like breaking a horse.”

So broken or not our lesson ends. As we walk down the street, Captain turns to me somewhat concerned,

“We need to practice.”

If you insist.

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