First rule of being creepy, don’t talk about being creepy

Soaked to the bone after skiing in the rain, I fill my water bottle with liquor and head for the hot tub. 

The hot tub I get in somehow becomes the all-boy hot tub. There is a lot of talk about cars and all wheel drive. Next to us is the all-girl hot tub. There’s giggling and gossip. Captain decides based on the wrinkliness of his fingers that he’s all done. My fingers have been wrinkly all day, so what’s another hour?
I’m left in the hot tub with a random older guy from our bus. We chat a little. All the girls get out of the other hot tub and head inside. He remarks,
“I shouldn’t be checking out teenage girls but I can’t help looking at them. I feel like a creepy old man.”
“There are lots of those.”
Back at the hotel, I tell my condo mates what the creepy hot tub man said. One of the guys groans,
“Why would he say that? You’re just supposed to look and not say anything.”

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