Who wants to pay me half price for a full day lift ticket at Sugarloaf Maine? I’m serious

So skiing. Well. It rained. And skiing in the rain may sound fun. Especially if you have a pink bathing suit that matches your new pink skis. That’s me. But it’s not. 

Saturday morning everyone who came up with me on the bus takes one ski run and heads to guest services to get a literal rain check. Captain and I look at each other. It’s raining, but it’s warm and there’s no one on the mountain. I tell him,

“I’m up for it if you are.”

We have a week out west coming up and I’m eager to break in all my new pink equipment. We head for the lift. We ski for several hours in the pouring rain. The good news is my jacket is waterproof. Thanks Mom. The bad news is my mittens and pants aren’t. My pants technically are, but the zipper on the inside of my thigh for ventilation, yes it gets hot between my legs, is not waterproof. Within an hour I feel like I’ve wet myself.

By lunch time I’m carrying around at least double my weight in water logged gear. I am loving gazing at my pink skis, but I could just as easily gaze at them from the hot tub. Captain and I head to the bar for lunch. Everyone from our bus has been there since the bar opened. On a serious ski day I’ll only drink milk and water at lunch time, maybe hot chocolate. The bartender asks me,

“What would you like?”

“A hot toddy please.”

“With cider?”

“Whiskey. A double.”

Captain asks,

“How did you know about that?”

My friend on the other side of me declares,

“You know she works in a bar.”

Still soggy, but somewhat dulled to the misery, Captain and I head back out to the mountain. I slip and fall in an ice puddle before I even get my skis on. Captain falls. We take one run and look at each other.

“Hot tub?”

“Hot tub.”

And Captain didn’t even remember his bathing suit, but that’s what underwear is for.

It pours all night. In the morning it stops, the wind picks up and the temps drop to freezing. All the lifts are closed except for one super slow small one and there’s a line. We do one run. People complain about the ice, but there’s ice and then there’s ice. This was ice.

We all head to guest services for a lift ticket voucher. The lady asks,

“Did you do a run?”


“And what didn’t you like?”

My friend explodes,

“Are you serious? What is there to like?”

Just my new pink ensemble, Captain and the hot tub.

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