Great Valentine gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming. People keep asking me what they should do. You should come see me at the bar. It’ll be romantic.

During my giant-stuffed-yeast internet research the other day. I stumbled on the site Whatever disease or microscopic thing you’re thinking of, prostate cancer say, they’ve got it in a giant stuffed version:

Prostate cancer, cured by turning it inside out.

And you can get someone special the “Sizzling Hot Heart Burned Box”:

“- Herpes with embroidered flames
– Chlamydia with red devil horns
– HPV with an embroidered frog
– Pox with a biting snake tongue and fangs
– Penicillin with exclusive pink pom poms”
Please note the exclusive pink pom poms. It’s not your everyday stuffed penicillin.

I might ask Captain for athlete’s foot. He’s adorable.

2 thoughts on “Great Valentine gift ideas

  1. It's really nice to see a gift guide where you're actually properly talking about the things you've picked out! 😀 Like the idea of tickets, it shows you're actually paying attention to what they like, haha! I'm getting both my parents

    gift for men


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