I don’t want you to sit with me, but if you do, you have to talk to me

Skiing was a success! It was a little cold, -20 with the wind chill. But the sun was out so it only felt like -15. And what’s the difference between a few negative degrees? My fingers and toes couldn’t feel anything after ten minutes.

The snow was great, no one was on the mountain and it only required multiple hot chocolate breaks and then twice as many bathroom breaks.

The trip was sold out. The bus makes three stops to pick everyone up. Captain and I board the bus at the first stop. A woman sits in front of us at the second stop. Someone else tries to sit with her,

“Is someone sitting here?”

“Well, uh, well…”

“Nevermind.” The guy wanders off to find another seat.

We get to the third stop. The bus is going to be full. People wander to the back of the bus and come back to the front. It’s filling up. A woman is looking around for a seat. I gesture to the seat in front of me and say,

“I don’t think anyone is sitting here.”

The seat-hoarding lady whose stuff is spread across two seats says to the woman who needs a seat,

“Are you sure there aren’t any other empty seats?”

She looks back down the bus as two more guys come forward in need of seats. Three people now need seats. Seat-hoarder lady is not backing down. She points to an empty seat behind me,

“There’s a seat.”

“Someone is sitting there. They’re in the bathroom.”

I offer,

“The trip is sold out.”

Seat-hoarder lady does not move an inch. This is a trip meant for drinking, partying, hot-tubbing and skiing. People sign up to socialize, i.e. sit next to someone nicely on the bus.

The trip leader offers a seat to the woman. Another guy gets to sit next to the beer and one guy is left staring at the seat-hoarding lady. She heaves a sigh and declares,

“I guess I can put some of my stuff in the overhead compartment.”

The guy slides in and puts on his headphones. For the next four hours she pokes and prods him until he takes off his headphones and talks to her.

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