Dad, as soon as I’m done with my algebra homework I’d like to rollover my retirement plan

There was the most precocious thirteen-year-old at the bar the other night. He was there with his dad. He ordered the cioppino, a seafood stew for dinner. He cuts into it and hands it back to me,

“Will you ask them to cook this a little more?”
I take it back to the kitchen and head back to the bar. The kid has struck up a conversation with two adults a couple seats down from him. They ask him about his interests. He replies,
“I’m into finance.”
“How long have you been into finance?”
“Several years now.”
SEVERAL YEARS? Several years ago you were just born.
I head back to the kitchen for the cioppino. A server asks,
“Who sent this back?”
“A kid at the bar.”
“What kind of kid orders cioppino?”
“A kid who’s into finance.”
How do I shave again?

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