I’m the girlfriend

Captain’s family bought their plane tickets for vacation a year ago. Captain bought my ticket a few months before. My seat was several rows away from everybody else. Captain offers,

“My dad is happy to sit there, so you can sit with us.”
Considering I’m starting the trip with two hours of sleep, I decide I would be better off by myself. We board the plane and I find my seat. I’m sitting next to a two-year old. It doesn’t matter, I’m unconscious before they even do the safety instructions.
I board the return flight. Again I’m not sitting with everybody, but I did just spend a week with everybody, so I’m happy to go sit by myself. I find my seat. I’m sitting next to the same two-year old again. The mom says,
“Sorry you’re stuck with us, hopefully she’ll be good.”
“Don’t worry, I’m traveling with a baby too.”
“Oh are you the nanny?”

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