Men in tights

I grew up immersed in everything girly, by choice. My mom made sure I had equal access to trucks and the color blue as I did to dolls and dresses. So I many not be the best judge of what fairytales the general population knows, but I’ve lived my whole life assuming everyone knows the story of Cinderella. Captain does not.

He tells me,

“She loses a shoe right?”

Right and a few other things happen. I try to fill in the holes before we go to the ballet. In the middle of the first act, Cinderella’s fairy godmother waves around a pumpkin. Captain whispers to me,

“What’s up with the pumpkin?”

“It’s going to turn into Cinderella’s carriage.”



The curtain falls at the end of the ballet and I turn to Captain,

“What’d you think?”

“I’m impressed. Did you see the quads on those guys?”

Mantyhose. Pantyhose for men. It’s a real thing.

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