I am a bad eavesdropper

Every week at work there is an owner and manager meeting. When I first started working there, the meeting was always downstairs, but due to what seems to be an ever increasing number of managers, the meetings are held upstairs in the restaurant before we open.

The meeting happens while I’m getting the bar ready. I work. They meet. I pretend not to be eavesdropping. That is until one day when I overhear them discussing something that’s wrong. I interject with the right answer. OOOPS.

One of the owners turns to me,

“Jessica, pretend like you’re not listening.”

“Right. Sorry.”

Then a couple weeks ago the meeting was happening and I really wasn’t listening. I was joking around with my fellow bartender and I laughed. My laugh tends to be a loud gasping gulping braying squawk for air. A manager comes over,

“You need to keep it down.”

I tell my coworker,

“I’m not worried. If I get fired for laughing too loud, then so be it.”

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