As my mom would say, "you’d think I starved you"

I’m a scavenger. The only thing I like more than food is free food. I’d much rather see what I can scrounge up over the course of a night than buy a meal.

Eating other peoples leftovers is frowned upon by management and if we are going to eat we have to go in the basement. There’s a lot of management, but I’m not one to go hungry.

Last night I slip out the back of the restaurant with a bucket of fries. Yes our fries come in a small bucket. I dip them in the aioli and shove them in my mouth. A manager pops out the back. He grabs some fries. I warn him,

“They’re cold.”

“I don’t care.”

He dips them in the aioli and adds,

“As long as these weren’t someone else’s.”

“For the record? No.”

“I’m not going to get you in trouble I just don’t want to eat someone else’s fries.”

“Then yes, they were someone else’s.”

He’s about to toss the fries in his hand. I exclaim,

“Wait! I’ll eat them.”



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