Gefilte fish emergency

Happy Passover everybody!

My mom sent me a Passover care package and in the nick of time. Apparently there is a white fish shortage, a key ingredient in everyone’s favorite Jewish dish: gefilte fish.

What is this delicacy you ask? It’s ground-up fish mushed together again and served cold. I love it. I’m not sure why.

This may be the first time gefilte fish has made the news. There is a wait list.

“Everybody is pulling their hair out.” Says a fish wholesaler.

The New York Times is on the case. A few quotes from gefilte fish lovers:

“Do I like the taste? Not really. But do I like the tradition? Absolutely.”

“It may taste like cat food, but that’s why I love it. “

A grocery store manager sighs,

“I really feel for these people. I’m not crazy about it. But for most of us what’s Passover without gefilte fish?”

Indeed. Without the mushed-up cold fish, you’re left with crackers and a lot of wine.

Don’t worry, I’ll share my gefilte fish with you.

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