How about Whatever for $15?

We were busy last night. Not crazy busy that I forgot my name, but busy enough that I was moving. I had my head down. I know people need things and I’ll look up when I’m ready to help them. 

I can feel two women staring at me. I just served them drinks. Now other people need drinks. I’ll get back to them. They’re impatient. One shouts,

“Miss! Miss! Miss!”
“We’d like to order food.”
There are other people who would like to order food, but these women win for being the most frantic. I tell them,
“Sure, what would you like?”
The one woman points at the menu and asks her friend,
“I was thinking about this or this, how about you?”
“I was thinking about this.”
“Should we get both or just this?”
“I don’t know.”
I stare in disbelief. They shouted me down as if they were going to die if they didn’t order food NOW and they don’t even know what they want. I tell them,
“I’ll give you a minute.”
A few minutes later,
“Miss! Miss! Miss!”
“We know what we’d like.”

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