I like pink and grown men

This past weekend I took the pink machine out for it’s first ride of the season. That’s right, my pink bike with a white basket, sparkly pink streamers, heart bell, and a handlebar flower.

The ride was a success. I got to use my bell. Not only did I use it, but I NEEDED it. A couple pushing a baby stroller one way, stop to talk to a couple walking the other way and they manage to cover the entire bike path from side to side with no regard for oncoming traffic. I have two options: I can shout ‘EXCUSE ME,’ or I can ring my heart shaped bell.

Bell it is. Everybody jumps out of the way so fast. Amazing.

I continue on. Two middle-aged men stop to talk to me about my bike. One exclaims,

“I LOVE your bike.” He whines, “I want a bike like that.”

“You should get one!”

I pedal on, streamers sparkling in the sunshine.

At a crosswalk a woman remarks,

“That is a very girly bike.”

“I tried.” Handlebar flowers don’t happen by accident.

“I don’t think you could get a girlier bike.”

I have the feeling this woman is not complimenting my bike.

She adds,

“The only thing that would make it girlier is if you had a photo of Justin Bieber in the wheel spokes.”

Nope. Definitely not complimenting my bike.

I’m girly, but I’m all grown up. If there’s a photo of Johnny Depp I could put in the wheel spokes, we can talk.

Justin Bieber cake. My birthday is only weeks away.

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