Tattoos versus the afterlife

I head to the tattoo parlor with my friend. She’s having a consultation about jazzing up some of her current tattoos. I sit in the waiting room and eye the piercing price list. One ear is $50, genitals are almost $200. That seems like a lot for one ear. But I have no piercings, so what do I know?

I join my friend for her consultation. The tattoo artist introduces herself and tells me,

“So you’re the friend with no tattoos.”

Yes. Why is that so obvious? I could have a butterfly on my lower back. I don’t. You can’t have tattoos if you want to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. I don’t know what I want to do when I die,  but for now I’ll keep my options open.

1 thought on “Tattoos versus the afterlife

  1. I have more than enough surfaces and structures to do art. I don't wish to use myself. I have had my printing business open for almost a year and I have great delight in creating things that please people. I have been an artist for 24 years and it is nice to finaLLy make a little money at it.


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