I am overdue for a new filter

I used to have two favorite co-workers. One got moved to a sister restaurant. Sad day. The other day my bar manager (my other favorite co-worker) and I took our former co-worker out for a birthday lunch. That sounds lamer than it was. 

We head to a new restaurant and settle in at the end of the bar. I start telling a story about a couple of regulars. Me and my big mouth. I’m shrieking and gesticulating and I turn around and there one of them is. I say,
“Oh hi!”
I turn back to the boys,
“I was saying all good things right?”
The conversation continues. My bar manager is telling a story to the bartender about how they went to so-and-so bar and the service was terrible. My bar manager declares,
“The service was so slow and we even had a hot girl with us.”
I exclaim,
“I wasn’t there!”
“No you weren’t.”

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