No you can’t do that

My bar is a little bit like an ice cream parlor. You can try out a couple flavors before you settle on a sundae.

The key here is a couple. One or two tastes of something is reasonable, maybe three. Anything over that is excessive.
A couple asks for three tastes of beer. They think about it. They ask for two more tastes. By the time we get to five tastes we’re working on a free beer. They think about it some more. The guy declares,
“We’ll take this beer.”
“No, we’ll share one beer.”
You already shared one beer.
But last night’s taste beats all other tastes. A woman settles in at the bar. She asks me,
“May I have a taste of the rosé?”
I pour her a healthy taste. She takes a swig. She takes another swig. I walk away a little bit to give her time to think. She finishes it and waves me back,
“It’s good, I’ll take it.”
I pour her a full glass.
I go downstairs for a minute. I come back up and the other bartender is taking away her full glass of rosé and replacing it with pinot grigio. He tells me,
“She said she didn’t like the rosé.”

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