Tractor pull: chance or destiny?

So about that tractor pull.

I forgot how just a year or two ago, before I knew a wonderful man named Captain, I’d never heard of a tractor pull in my life. Same goes for demolition derbies, duallys and anything else remotely related to a motor vehicle.

At lunch today I was chatting with some women from work and I mention,

“So I was at a tractor pull this weekend and-“

“-Tractor pull?”

I do my best to explain something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me to begin with. After my explanation. One woman asks,

“Why do people want to watch that?”

It’s hard to say.

The tractor pull started with a prayer,

“Thank you for blessing us with the good fortune to be at the North Carolina State Fair and at this world class tractor pull.”

Speak for yourself buddy. If it were decided to smite the tractor pull, then that’s his will. The blessing continues on somewhat blandly and then veers off,

“Nails through his flesh, he suffered in agony and bled to death strung out on the cross for you, so you could be here today.”

Well tell him he didn’t need to do that.

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