And you thought I’d starve

It’s beer and blog time again.

I used to work in a restaurant, now I get home from work and I’m hungry. I enjoy making dinner with Captain or my little sister. I do not enjoy making it on my own.

There’s a go-to tub of cottage cheese in my fridge, but I’ve been branching out for new ready-to-eat options. Tonight is Adult SpaghettiOs Night. I will list the ingredients and instructions for how you too can make this at home. This is not to be confused with a mommy blog.

1 can of beer*
1 can of SpaghettiOs

Open beer.
Open can of SpaghettiOs.
You can open the beer after you open the SpaghettiOs, but why would you do that?
If you’re feeling fancy, put the SpaghettiOs in a bowl and microwave. Season with Tabasco to taste.

*A variation on this recipe is a bottle of beer. Just as good, but a little more work!

Your final result will not look like this.

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