My twelve-year-old stylist

My home life is in upheaval. I will tell you more once my security blanket is safely evacuated. The exciting news is that at some point in the near future I’m moving in with my favorite blog character, Captain.

I’m doing an inventory of what stuff will fit at Captain’s and what has to go back to my mom’s garage in Worcester. Most of it is going back to the garage, including the Goofy hat that just posted over here.
I’m thinking about narrowing down my clothes. I am NOT narrowing down my underwear. How dare you even suggest that. 
The other day when I was out with my Little Sister, I put on a sweater I’ve had for a few years. She looks me up and down and asks,
“Is that a work sweater?”
“I didn’t get it for work.”
“It looks like the ones my teachers wear.”

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