You never know when you’re going to need a Goofy hat

Happy Halloween! 

A week ago an office-wide meeting maker was sent out: “Halloween Cube Decorating and Costume Contest 2:00pm – 3:00pm.” I accepted.

I needed to figure out what I could be that’s appropriate for work. I text my mom. 
“Will you please mail me my Goofy hat?”

Last weekend I go to pick up my Little Sister to make apple pie. Knowing nothing about my competition at work, she emerges from her house carry a ginormous bag of Halloween arts and crafts. I tell her about the contest. She declares,
“Oh we’re gonna make sure you win.”
“What are you going to be?”
“Super Goofy!”
“Super Goofy?”
“I have a Goofy hat and I’m going to wear a red cape and red boots.”
“Aren’t you going to wear Goofy clothes?”
“I don’t have a Goofy clothes. Do you think it’ll be ok?”
“I guess so.”She seems exasperated that this is all I’ve come up with.
We make a bunch of Halloween crafts, during which she declares,
“I want to make one for my mom.”
When our time is nearly up, I ask her,
“Are you going to make one for your mom?”
“I will later. Right now we need to focus on you winning.”
My Goofy hat arrives in the mail. It feels lighter than I remember. I rip open the package. Huh. That’s not the Goofy hat I was thinking of. It turns out I have more than one Goofy hat in Worcester. I tell my mom. She says,
“Do you want me to mail the other one?”
Yes. But I decide to make do with the Goofy hat I have.
Now I’m the bearer of sad sad news. I lost the Halloween Contest to a woman dressed like a peacock with a life-size teddy bear posing as an alien in her cube. It’s very cuddly. But I am declaring myself the unofficial runner-up. Or so I’ll tell my dedicated cube decorating companion.
Yes those are my Wonder Woman Boots

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