Budweiser doesn’t make me cry, but Budweiser and baby horses, forget about it

I cry easily. A few years ago a Super Bowl Budweiser commercial brought me to tears. So with that in mind, I can’t finish reading Truman by David McCullough in public. I have a bad feeling Truman is going to die.
As it was, when I was reading Truman on the train to work the other morning, I got to the part about his presidency ending and a couple tears slipped out.
Today was tough too. I saw Disney’s Big Hero 6 with my Little Sister.  I recommend it whether or not you have access to a child.
I head to the movie theater we usually go to. My Little Sister asks,
“Can we go to the other movie theater? It’s really nice. They have recliners and assigned seats.”
“Assigned seats?”
“Yeah you pick what seat you want when you buy your ticket.” 
It was amazing, we bought our tickets and then I didn’t have to worry about how long we tried out every automatic sink and soap dispenser in the bathroom, because I knew we already had good seats.
We sit down. My Little Sister presses a button on the side of her chair and next thing I know she’s lying down and a big ol’ foot rest has popped up. I press the button on my chair. OMG It’s more comfortable than my couch at home.
Super comfortable. My only concern is trying to eat my candy lying down. But the chairs are big enough for a box of candy on each side of me and there’s still room for my butt. 
The movie was great. Tears were streaming down my face. I’ve never met a more lovable robot. The proof that the seats were comfortable was that after five minutes of credits, two-thirds of the people in the theater were still curled up in their seats. 
And the arm rests go up. Captain? Where are you?

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