My plants have moved in with Captain

The day job continues. I plop down in a coworkers cube. I declare,

“My brain is going to explode, I need to talk about something other than work.”

We chat about how she needs to call DCF (Department of Children and Families) which doesn’t really lighten the mood, but makes my day seem less crazy. I head back to my desk to schedule a meeting with my Jingle Bell Ringers.

I go home to Captain, which is my new home, but I’m not really moved in yet. My plants moved in, some of my clothes and a very small portion of underwear. Captain is clearing some dresser drawers for me, he tells me,

“I threw away a pair of underwear, so there’s a little more room now.”

“One pair?”


“I guess that’s at least worth a few pairs of mine.”

I recount my crazy day and ask him,

“Do you have these feelings?”

He looks perplexed and offers,

“I don’t know if I have those same feelings. I think I have different feelings.”

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