I’m thankful for all the extra cranberry sauce I have, because no one at my office ate it at our work potluck

I survived Thanksgiving. I assume you did too if you’re reading this.

Wednesday night Captain and I hit the road for Worcester. What was a rain/slush storm in Boston, was a full on icy, wet, snow storm in Worcester. It took 5 tries to pull into my mom’s driveway.

We made it. Once inside, Captain asks,

“Is there anything here you want to take back to my place?’

Keep in mind most of my stuff is moving back into my mom’s garage because there’s no room. I ask him,

“Are you kidding me?”


The next morning I point at the giant pink easy chair in my childhood bedroom and declare,

“I’d like to take that.”

“Really?” Captain squeaks.

We head outside to shovel the wall of ice chunks at the end of the driveway. We have Thanksgiving at Captain’s uncle’s house to get to. The guy across the street is shoveling too. My mom shouts across,

“Just what you want to be doing today huh?”

“Actually my in-laws are coming, so I’m gonna take my time.”

 Captain and I are off without the pink easy chair. We’re greeted by everybody. Captain and I are cornered by his sister-in-law’s mother. She tells Captain,

“There’s a five-foot-tall Olaf at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was $240 dollars and now it’s only $120. You have to get it. It’s going to be a collectors item.”

Olaf, from the Disney movie Frozen, is the funniest, most lovable snowman I’ve ever met, But if there’s no room for an easy-chair, there’s no room for a snowman.

We sit down to eat by 2pm. This is earlier than my family usually manages to sit down, but it works out because by 7pm we’re eating turkey sandwiches. The sooner you get the Thanksgiving meal over with, the sooner you get to start eating the left-overs. And the sooner you can go buy a giant stuffed snowman.

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