What’s an inauguration without a bowl of baked beans?

Guess what? I was at the Governor’s Inauguration the other day. He asked my office for cheerleaders and if there’s anything I’ve done well in my life so far it’s cheerleading.

I started working on a company cheer, but it wasn’t done in time. Plus I’m not sure how many of my coworkers can kick as high as their heads and if this is possible in business casual.

I was lured to the event with the promise of refreshments. It took some investigating, but I shed my handler and I found them. The food was the oddest combination: cookies, cake, Danishes, muffins, I know you’re thinking this sounds like par for the course, but then there were baked beans, corn beef sandwiches and oysters on the half shell. Plus all you can drink soda.

I returned to our holding room where all my co-workers were. They exclaimed,

“Where’d you get all that!?”

“Upstairs.” Vague is good, in case I just crashed the Inauguration reception.

It’s a cake!!!

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