It’s official, I’m almost Mrs. Captain

Back in September, Captain and I were sitting on the beach. We started talking about weddings. He asked me,

“What sort of setting do you like?”
“I like the beach.”
“I mean for a ring.”
“Ah. I have no idea.” I’ve been planning my wedding since I was twelve years old and I’ve given little thought to ring settings. I reassure Captain,
“I’ll figure it out right away.”
We’ve talked about our future together before, but this was the first time we got down to specifics. I ask him,
“What started this?”
“I want to get a move on.”
So I did. I picked out a setting the next weekend. I give him the details and I butt out of it. A month later, I’m not sure if anything is happening. I ask,
“Do you need help?”
“I’m researching diamonds online.”
“There are several 100,000 diamonds online, so it’s a better selection than in a store.”
“That’s so many! How do you narrow it down?”
“I’m not sure.”
Several months later, Captain is still narrowing it down. At this point we start booking a band and a venue with the knowledge that someday there will be a ring and hopefully in time for the wedding.
A month ago Captain reassures me,
“I made a spreadsheet and I’ve narrowed it down to 20 diamonds.”
Progress. A package comes in the mail. My friend texts me,
“Any news about the ring?”
“A special magnifying glass came today.”
Captain tells me,
“This way when you need to take it in for servicing you can make sure you get the right diamond back.”
“What sort of servicing do diamonds require?”
“I’m not sure.”
Last weekend Captain got down on one knee, his good one and now it’s official; he has committed to a diamond. It’s big, gorgeous and sparkly. Better than anything I could’ve dreamed of. If you want to see it in person let me know.
I know you’re worried that this blog will get even less exciting if I’m married, but I think the day job is the real culprit. Drunk Harvard professors are hard to come by.
Between sobbing and laughing, I ask Captain Fiancé,
“Has your family seen the ring?”
“Nope. Just you, me and the Fed Ex guy.”

2 thoughts on “It’s official, I’m almost Mrs. Captain

  1. Congratulations! I think you should get a military sounding nickname like Captain, only be sure to go for a higher rank, something feminine sounding with 'her' in it. Major? General? (Gen Her All) I wouldn't do Commodore as that sounds too much like Commode Door.


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