Who said open floor plans are bad?

My office is moving and I’m on the relocation task force. I’m not sure what that means and the vice-president leading us isn’t sure either. I do know that none of our furniture is moving with us. I’m counting the days that my filing cabinet/standing desk and I will be together.

The future looks bright. The new office will have one of those trendy, but not so popular open floor plans. I will be able to see multiple windows and I will be able to bother my co-workers without getting up from my desk. Think about how much time that will save me!

Right now I have to leave my cube, cross the hall, pass several other cubes before I can plop down in my co-workers cube, only to have her declare,

“Jessica, if this isn’t about work I’m going to kill you.”

Then I have to leave her cube, pass several other cubes, cross the hall and finally return to my cube. It wastes so much time that I could’ve used to bother someone else.

In the new office I’ll just turn my head, shout over several other people’s heads and she’ll be able to see and hear me without me having to move.

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