Better luck next year buddy

April Fools is one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t always do it justice but I try. I already April Fools’d you. You thought I might never blog again, but I am.

I fooled 2 coworkers and I fooled Captain 3 times. For one coworker I wrapped up a beautiful gift bag and put it on her desk. She unwrapped my business card. I let her keep it.

I gave my other coworker flowers from a difficult client of hers. I thought for sure she’d know they’re from me, but first thing she does is pop by my cube and declare,

“So-and-so sent me flowers!”


“Yeah, it’s so weird.”

I brainstorm with my coworkers about how to April Fools Captain. Everyone has a million great ideas about what to do to his bed, but they’re forgetting that this is also my bed and I don’t really want it soaking wet or full of glitter.

We decide on Saran wrapping his entire pillow and sticking something in his night cap. I rush home. Captain walks in the door. I mention,

“I put my notice in at work.”

“Really? For soon?”

“For a while from now.”

“Oh ok.” And he turns and goes into the fridge. He believes me AND I’m not getting any reaction. I sigh,

“April Fools!”


I get in bed first and wait for Captain. He slides in and lays his head down. He lifts his head up. He lays it down again. He lifts it up. I’m stifling a major fit of giggles. He turns to me,

“I think there’s something wrong with my pillow.”


He reaches his hand behind his head and pulls at the Saran wrap. He asks me,

“Is there something on my pillow?”

“Yes! It’s Saran wrapped. April Fools!”

“Saran wrapped?!”

He unwraps his extra fresh pillow and says,

“Fool me once, fool me twice…”

“What happens if I fool you a third time?”

“I don’t know.”

“You better put on your thinking cap.”

He reaches for his nightcap. The contents crinkle.

He laughs,

“You got me. I didn’t even know it was April Fools.”

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