Who wants a file?

My blog is suffering. It used to thrive on all the stupid things people said to me and to each other.  People have not stopped saying stupid things, but now I represent an organization that’s not a bar.

Tomorrow we have another meeting of the infamous relocation task force. Our office is moving. I’m on the team dedicated to figuring out what we need to do and I have no idea. I’m just starting to get a handle on how this office works: Which printers are my friends and which ones are gunning for my demise.

We’re trying to figure out how many files we need to take with us. I vote for zero. The PowerPoint shows our office floor plan with all the filing cabinets labeled. I find my cube. The floor plan is wrong. I speak up,

“This plan doesn’t show it, but there’s a large filing cabinet in my cube full of files.”

“What files?”

“I have no idea, but every once in awhile someone walks in my cube and grabs one.”

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