The open bar was a success

The wedding reception was not all roses and free cocktails, although there were plenty of free cocktails.

While Captain and I were busy being blown away/getting our photos taken, things were heating up in the cocktail tent. But not really, because the heater the hotel staff promised wasn’t heating.

My friend tells me,

“One lady said to another lady, ‘keep your f–king opinions to yourself.’ And walked off.”

I have no idea what that was about, but hopefully there’s some video footage.

Captain and I are ready to enter the reception hall and do our 3 minute long choreographed first dance. Huge success. Dance competitions here we come.

The toasts were perfect. My maid of honor went into detail about my food foraging skills and mentioned the time when I asked for and ate some stranger’s pizza crusts.

I know a good deal when I see one and that’s food scraps on someone else’s plate. Captain’s face in the photo below shows he’s still processing what a good deal food scraps are.

Next it was time to circulate to all of the tables and say hi to everyone. We had a relatively small wedding, 80 people, but when you’re going table to table, 80 seems like more than enough. We hit the last table just as the fireworks start to go off.
That’s right, my wedding had fireworks. Ok, so we may have lucked out and scheduled our wedding on the same day as some town fireworks. Free fireworks AND I managed to keep it a secret. When does that happen?
The secret was a little blown, but not everyone knew. The morning of the wedding my flower girl runs up to me and declares,
“Did you know there are going to be fireworks tonight?!”
“Yes! How’d you find out?!”
“It’s listed on the board by the pool.”
So you’re saying all the kids know.
After the fireworks, it’s time to cut the ice cream cake. My mother-in-law put a beautiful bow on a lovely cake knife. Captain and I take the knife to the cake and…. nothing. The knife is not going into the cake. We try again. I’m having ice cream cake if it’s the last thing I do.
I press down hard. SNAP. There goes the knife. We dig our forks in. And that was the only bit of ice cream cake I had! Hopefully some made it to my mom’s freezer because I didn’t spend months considering ice cream flavors for one bite.
The band was amazing, so amazing and fun that they handed the mic off to guests to sing. Which is a great idea in the beginning and starts to be questionable once the open bar is in full swing. At least it seemed like everyone was keeping their opinions to themselves.
I would like to thank all the women who made my multiple bathroom trips a reality and didn’t let my dress drag all over the men’s bathroom floor. A bride does NOT wait in line.

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