Integrity? We’ve got a law license to protect

A few months ago Captain and I were in Chicago for my brother’s law school graduation. That wasn’t the end of it. He took the bar. He passed it and there’s another ceremony to swear him in.

This is one too many ceremonies and not conveniently located. Also the last thing Captain and I want to do right now is get on another plane. We get on another plane.

My mom tells us,

“He only has tickets for three of us” including his girlfriend “so one of you will need to wait outside.”

We’re flying to Chicago to wait outside of a ceremony?

We all manage to make it into the ceremony. I would not have minded waiting outside. One of the main themes seems to be integrity, but I’m not sure, I’m fading in and out. The ceremony is 1.5 hours long. That is 89 minutes of speeches and one minute of swearing in.

My mom takes us all out for lunch. She slips my brother’s bar license into the bag with the leftovers. He’s concerned about getting food on it. My mom tells him,

“Don’t worry.”

I get up to go to the bathroom. When I return all 5 of our cloth napkins are gone. I peer in the bag. Yup, my mom has wrapped his law license in the restaurant’s dinner napkins.

We only need 3 more and we’ll have a whole set.



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