House Hunting Dealbreakers

The house hunt begins.

I have a feeling this is going to be a long process, but we’re thinking about it.  Someday we’ll need more than one bedroom and I’d like a closet that doesn’t smell like chicken.

Captain and I went for a hike yesterday. Captain has been wanting to tour the suburbs, so while we’re southwest of the city I suggest,

“Why don’t we drive around and look at some of the towns?”

We start driving around Milton. We’re barely into it and Captain exclaims,

“This is what I don’t like.”


“All these traffic lights.”

“Traffic lights?”


“You want a town without traffic lights?”

I mention that I’m not sure where we’d have to move to, maybe Montana, if traffic lights are a deal breaker.

Captain capitulates,

“Some traffic lights are ok.”

We’ve yet to determine what number of traffic lights is the breaking point.



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