Fort Point Grand Prix: here come the rednecks and the fancy coffee

I went to my second neighborhood association meeting for Fort Point the other night. People are not happy. There is going to be a Grand Prix race in our neighborhood Labor Day weekend for the next 5 Labor Day weekends. Captain is a little happy.

The problem is that the 3 day race will take place on the actual streets that we drive on everyday. Never mind that it will take months of construction to prepare for it and then take it apart. In exchange for the inconvenience, Captain wants a free pass.

I tell Captain,

“I’ll be getting out of Dodge.”

“Hopefully not in a Dodge.”

“Hopefully in a Toyota.”

That’s right, we’re car shopping. Zipcar I still love you.

The other item on the neighborhood meeting docket was a new coffee shop going in under our condo window. Captain is not thrilled. I’m thrilled. Under our window isn’t ideal, but the place looks like it’s going to be gorgeous.

There are going to be big windows, an outdoor patio, comfy chairs and two fireplaces. That’s two more fireplaces than our condo has now.

A woman tries to argue with the coffee shop man,

“There are already several coffee shops in the neighborhood including Dunkin Donuts, do you really think there’s a market for more coffee?”

I’d argue that there’s always a market for more coffee. Also, as much as I appreciate Dunkin Donuts, there are different types of coffee shops. Ones with fireplaces and ones without. Our neighborhood does not have any coffee shops with fireplaces.



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