This guy needs to start his own Meetup group: Foreskin or against

I went to a Meetup group last night. I was hoping to make some like-minded friends or at least talk to someone besides my house plants.

I did talk to people. I’ll have to try again for the friend making part. I’ve met the group leader once before and she’s great. Everyone else was new to me.

In the middle of the discussion, the floor is opened for questions. The discussion has been very specific, so I’m hoping the questions will be specific. One guy shouts out,

“How do you feel about circumcision?

“That’s a very personal decision for every family.” And entirely off topic.

Not only does this guy continue to double down on circumcision, but he’s taking time away from the topic we all came to talk about. More on that another time. I promise. He continues,

“I’m circumcised.”

I do not care about the state of your foreskin. The moderator tries to be diplomatic,

“There are many arguments for and against. I recommend you doing research on your own time.”

“One argument I heard is that if you want your child to be intellectual you’ll circumcise them, or else their main focus in life will be masturbating.”

Well, the supposed intellectual-circumcised correlation is not working for this guy.


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