Race cars, porta potties and angry white people

This post is not about pregnancy, but I was there with my fetus.

My fetus is the ultimate tag along. Just when I think I’m going to have some alone time, I become desperate for the bathroom and realize that a 5 inch tall person is standing on my bladder.

The other night Fort Point had a second January neighborhood meeting. When a second monthly meeting is called for, that’s when you know people are angry. Really angry. The normal turnout is about 20 people. This meeting had at least 60 people and local television crews.

Boston is poised to host a three day indy car race, the Boston Grand Prix, this Labor Day weekend for the next 5 Labor Day weekends. The race will attract 200,000 fans. People are upset. Some of the concerns are reasonable:

“Where will all the porta potties be?”

Meaning, you better not put those porta potties under my condo window or I’m really going to freak out.

It’s a guarantee that people are going to be worked up. This is the same neighborhood that is worried about the increase in the flight pattern. Never mind that the airport was here first.

The cars are going to be loud, 110 decibels. The race organizers try to reassure the crowd,

“You will be able to purchase noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs.”

People are unimpressed. Captain whispers to me,

“That angry guy from the last meeting is behind us.”

I look back. I see a lot of angry guys.

One woman is frantic to speak. The neighborhood association leader hands her the microphone. She starts speaking everywhere but into the microphone. She’s waving it around like it’s a wand. No one can hear her, but she looks like she might cry. She says,

“At first I thought this was a one time event, but now I’m hearing that I’m condemned to endure this for the next five years maybe longer?”

The race organizer replies,

“I would argue that you’re not condemned.”

I would argue that these angry white people who can afford to live in Fort Point don’t usually stay in Boston for Labor Day weekend.

The almost crying lady continues,

“And what’s the carbon footprint? Have you considered using solar powered cars?”

Out of curiosity I did some solar powered car research. The fastest recorded speed of a solar powered car is 55MPH. While that’s 25MPH over the current speed limit of the roads the race is on, it’s 120MPH short of being exciting. And what does a pit stop consist of? All the cars sunbathing for the rest of the day?

Captain is waiting for news of his discounted ticket. Meanwhile they should set up the porta potties immediately. I could use a toilet for every block I walk.

porta potty race



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