Is it still called glamping if there’s a two-year-old along?

We’re going “camping” in Acadia. Not that I have anything against camping not in quotes, but Captain asked for AC and bug protection. I’ll be happy to sit in our cabin’s screened-in porch and survey the people staying in tents.

I wasn’t sure if BB understood that we’re gearing up for a trip, but the grocery store clerk said,

“BB! How are you?”

“I’m going on vacation!”

Little does she know we’re in for a 5 hour drive. I ask her to pack her suitcase with some toys. She tells me,

“I’m taking a sandcastle.”

“You’re taking sand toys?”

She looks at me like I’m really dense and tries again,

“A sandcastle.”

I’ll let Captain know to make room in the car.

Now that BB is in vacation mode, she can’t stop. She tells me,

“I’m going to see a mountain!”

“That’s right! And you can climb it!” Or Captain can climb it with you on his back. I’ll be in charge of photos. I ask BB,

“What else should we take?”





Sleeping is the only thing that’s up in the air. There’s a queen bed, a bunk bed and a pack ‘n play, whatever that’s for.

I have a feeling BB is claiming the queen bed with one of us and Captain and I are going to be taking turns in the bunk bed. We’ll have to save the romance for the screened in porch.


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