Donkeys are stubborn and have a strong sense of self-preservation, i.e. they’re really good at saving money

I love to read and I’ve got a good thing going with a regular who brings me books. Last week she came into the bar with another woman, an author who is on the verge of being famous.

The almost famous author watches me hand a book back to the regular. She is not pleased. She asks me,

“Are you going to read my book?”

“Yes, if I can borrow it from my bar manager.”

Her face clenches with disapproval. A little while later, I’m laughing at something. The almost famous author tells me,

“You have this regal beauty, but then you have that donkey laugh.”

She tries again,

“Are you going to buy my book?”

I assume I can’t get it used on Amazon yet.

On her way out, she declares,

“You make enough money to buy books.”



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